I’ve Had It!

I’m giving up.

I’m threw with this.

They’re doesn’t seem two be any point, too going on. People dont change there spelling, speeking and punctuation just because some crazy woman harps incessantly about it. I wish I would of considered that before I wasted my thyme; putting up this sight. Their are to many other things I could of focused my energies on.

Im going two look into being an an elevator operator… but I’ve herd even that has it’s ups and downs.

Good buy crewel whirled.


4 Responses to I’ve Had It!

  1. A've the Terrible says:

    Eye no, eye no!

  2. I love this. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and giving me something to giggle about 😉

    • persnicketyproofreader says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for stopping by — and for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your kind words.

      Glad I was able to amuse and entertain you. I spend so much of my time poring over precisely the right word and the correct spelling that it’s nice to cast aside the dictionary and the AP Style Guide once in a while (if only on April Fools’ Day) and have some fun with the wrong words and some dreadful punctuation. 🙂

  3. Jimmy says:

    Rita, you almost had me. I was about to say you’d forgotten the apostrophe on “don’t.” 🙂 Very funny! 🙂 Congrats on the speaking gig!


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