A Celebration of Independence… from Big Publishers

This year, in honor of Independence Day, I’d like to offer a different take on independence and shine a spotlight on some of my favorite indie authors. Most of them are folks whose writing I’ve edited, or whom I’ve recently shepherded through the publishing process. But first among them is someone I met as a member of the Fabulous Fictional Five (a merry little band of writers in Connecticut), who was the first of us to publish a book.

Rev. Dr. Peter R.K. Brenner is a retired Congregational minister who began life in WWII Germany, born into the Nazi Lebensborn program. Over the course of Behind the Smile: Orphaned By Hitler’s Madness (Xlibris), Peter uncovers what lay beneath his lifelong dread of crying babies and his terror at the wail of sirens. This memoir is a gripping read. His second book, Prayers for the Essence of Our Spiritual Life, is available exclusively through his family’s website, with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Family Support Center in Brewster, Massachusetts.

Mummy: A Journey Home is an autobiography by Darren Timothy Numer (rndproductionsla/Steel Star Publishing). This heartbreaking – although sometimes hilarious – book tracks Darren’s life in and out of the ’70s foster-care system near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, through homelessness, prostitution and drug addiction… to an astonishing conclusion. As I wrote in his Amazon book description, it’s “a tale of survival against – and triumph over – the bitterest of odds. And love that outlasts everything.”

To Win Hearts and Minds: Vietnam to Iraq is retired colonel Terry J. Mitchell’s memoir of life and service in the U.S. Army. Weaving in his love of music and his service in the U.S. Court system, Terry offers a compelling firsthand account of historical events as they shaped his life and military career.

Linnhe McCarron… where do I begin? Linnhe has woven a captivating series of novels in the Riverwood series, novels set in Tennessee’s Big South Fork region. From Fool Me Once, the first book in the five-volume set, right through the exciting conclusion in Far and Away, readers will be swept up in the lives and loves of the residents of the Riverwood horse community.

Christina M. Eder’s KNEE DEEP: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator, book three in the FROG Blog series (Felicity Press), is her most personal foray yet into obedience to the will of God. In it, this inspirational writer embarks on a nine-month celebration of daily missives to the Creator. Frequently thankful, sometimes pondering, often funny, but always genuine, Christina brings the reader on a journey of submission to the divine will.

Peter J. Marzano gleaned the kernel of Litany of Sorrows (Swan Publishers) from a disturbing dream. Some of the best stories come about as the result of dreams and this is no exception. It’s the story of Karl von Richter, a ruthless Nazi SS officer during WWII – and the chilling lengths to which he goes to advance Hitler’s Final Solution – and Katrina Amorino, a young woman on the run from Karl.

There! That ought to get you started on your summer reading adventures. Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

About the Author:
Rita M. Reali is an international award-winning author and longtime editor who most enjoys editing memoir, general fiction and romance, along with inspirational writing. She’s self-published three novels: Glimpse of Emerald, Diagnosis: Love and The Unintended Hero – the first three in the seven-volume Sheldon Family Saga – and her fourth novel, Second Chances, is due out next month. As a former disc jockey in her native Connecticut, Rita used to spend her days “talking to people who weren’t there” – a skill which transferred perfectly to her being an author. Now she talks to characters who aren’t there on “a little chunk of heaven in rural Tennessee.” Contact Rita.

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