Below are links to other sites that are of interest to us (and which may also be of interest to you). Check back periodically for additional links. (official web site of the  Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of CAPA by Brian Jud and Dr. Jerry Labriola.) (The official CAPA University 2009 site. CAPA-U is an annual day-long professional-development day for writers held  in Hartford, CT. The 2009 conference (the sixth annual) was Saturday, May 9, at the Hartford Steam Boiler Conference Facility, located at One State Street. (Kim Kasparian – the Success Genie – is a career coach and talented motivational speaker; she’s part cheerleader, part firecracker!) (talented, versatile voice-over artist… with a friendly, cheerful style and a vocal warmth that makes you want to curl up and purr!) (one of my favorite fresh, new authors! A brilliant and exceptional writer with a true gift for creative expression.) (looking for someone to handle your accessible web-design needs? Jen can help. She’s a talented, hardworking professional, fully committed to her craft.) (The tagline says it best: Internet Marketing, Done Right. Jeff’s a whiz-bang SEO/SEM pro… and one of the truly nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.) (a collection of short stories and verse from author John Livingstone) (a delightful Italian trattoria in Wilmington, Vermont; nice, homey atmosphere; wonderful service; phenomenal food. Definitely worth checking out!) (my author page for National Novel Writing Month)

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