How Do I Get a Copy of Diagnosis: Love?

October 21, 2015

In the past week, dozens of folks have asked me, “Hey, Rita… how can I get a copy of your new novel, Diagnosis: Love?”

Excellent question. Here’s what you need to do: Email me at Include your full name, mailing address (including city, state and ZIP Code) and number of books you wish to purchase. I’ll also need to know whether you want them delivered via media mail (fairly slow, yet highly economical) or priority mail (a smidgen pricier, but you’ll get your book(s) within three days.

I accept PayPal, checks and money orders. I’ll give you specifics by return email.

Oh, I’ll also need to know to whom you want your book(s) inscribed.

That should do it. Any other questions, feel free to email me at


What Was Yesterday?

April 2, 2009

Surprised to still see this site up and running? You shouldn’t be. Need I remind you that yesterday was April Fools’ Day?

Not only have I not thrown in the proverbial towel (hmm… come to think of it, I don’t think there are any proverbs that actually mention towels — but if you know of any, please tell me), but I’ve got a whole slew of things muddling about in my mushy grey matter, just clamoring to come out. So, while there’s still time, duck and run! Or was that Duck, Duck, Goose?

In short: This chickie ain’t goin’ nowhere, my friends; you’re pretty well stuck with me. (Yes, I realize that was a whole lot of improper English… but even I’m allowed a day off once in a while, right?)

Now, if anyone successfully “got” you for April Fools’ Day, do feel free to share. I always love a good prank!

I’ve Had It!

April 1, 2009

I’m giving up.

I’m threw with this.

They’re doesn’t seem two be any point, too going on. People dont change there spelling, speeking and punctuation just because some crazy woman harps incessantly about it. I wish I would of considered that before I wasted my thyme; putting up this sight. Their are to many other things I could of focused my energies on.

Im going two look into being an an elevator operator… but I’ve herd even that has it’s ups and downs.

Good buy crewel whirled.

Welcome to The Persnickety Proofreader site!

February 20, 2009

Thanks for stopping by. Here you’ll find useful information to help your writing come alive, make your words leap off the page and dance around with glee. You’ve just got to give me some time to get some stuff written, so check back soon, okay?